End Foreign Aid

Why Americans should oppose U$ foreign aid:

- There is absolutely no constitutional basis for foreign aid

- It is unfair to expect American citizens to give a percentage of their annual income to any foreign country

- Foreign aid is currently marked at billions of dollars each year, thus constituting a major drain on the US economy

- Foreign aid has been a disaster for recipient countries as it delays sound economic reforms and encourages wastefulness

- Foreign aid generates feelings of hostility towards the United States in many areas of the world

Why Zionists should oppose U$ foreign aid to Israel:

- US foreign aid prevents Israel from adopting a freer economy and taking the necessary steps to become self-reliant

- US foreign aid to Israel is essentially corporate welfare as it must be spent on products made by American corporations

- Israel’s enemies in the region receive more than three times the amount of US foreign aid that Israel receives each year

- Foreign aid erodes Israel’s national sovereignty as it makes the Jewish state dependent on a foreign power