ZFA in the Bay Area

The Zionist Freedom Alliance (ZFA) is a grassroots campus initiative and the only student organization asserting Israel’s national rights.

ZFA on college campuses in the Bay Area educates the student public to the legal, moral and historic rights of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel (the territory between the Jordan River and Mediterranean Sea). We assert that the Jewish people are a Middle Eastern people and that Zionism is our national liberation movement.

ZFA participates in the struggle for Israel’s freedom through public education, leadership training, experiential programs, special events, community involvement and protest campaigns.


End Foreign Aid

Why Americans should oppose U$ foreign aid:

- There is absolutely no constitutional basis for foreign aid

- It is unfair to expect American citizens to give a percentage of their annual income to any foreign country

- Foreign aid is currently marked at billions of dollars each year, thus constituting a major drain on the US economy

- Foreign aid has been a disaster for recipient countries as it delays sound economic reforms and encourages wastefulness

- Foreign aid generates feelings of hostility towards the United States in many areas of the world

Why Zionists should oppose U$ foreign aid to Israel:

- US foreign aid prevents Israel from adopting a freer economy and taking the necessary steps to become self-reliant

- US foreign aid to Israel is essentially corporate welfare as it must be spent on products made by American corporations

- Israel’s enemies in the region receive more than three times the amount of US foreign aid that Israel receives each year

- Foreign aid erodes Israel’s national sovereignty as it makes the Jewish state dependent on a foreign power


UN out of Israel - Israel out of the UN

For over half a century, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has pushed a political agenda through actively exacerbating the Middle East conflict and preventing any just solutions from reaching fruition. UNRWA has employed discriminatory policies, serving only Arab refugees from Israel while ignoring the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab lands. UNRWA’s politically motivated criteria for refugee status differs from the standards employed by the United Nations High Commission for Refugees in all other regions. In addition to turning Arab refugee camps into terrorist training grounds and indoctrinating Arab youth to hate the Jewish people, UN workers have been caught exploiting their diplomatic immunity by lending out their vehicles for the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers and the smuggling of weapons to be used against the Jewish state.

The UN itself has consistently worked to weaken, shrink and harm the State of Israel since its inception through hostile resolutions, threats of sanctions and two-faced diplomacy. All this has taken place while the UN either ignores or drags its feet on genuine atrocities taking place throughout the world.

The United Nations is a corrupt organization directly responsible for much of the Middle East conflict. The State of Israel should resign from the UN and eject UNRWA from operating within her sovereign borders.